Oral Surgery

Local Anesthesia

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Sometimes your oral surgeon needs to numb a part of your mouth in order to perform an invasive procedure and injects medicine into your gum or inner cheek. This medicine is called local anesthesia. Lidocaine is the most common local anesthetic that oral surgeons use, but there are many others. 

There are two kinds of numbing injections. A block injection numbs an entire region of your mouth, such as one side of your lower jaw. An infiltration injection numbs a smaller area. This is the area near where the injection was given.

If you need local anesthesia in order to have your oral surgery treatment done, your oral surgeon will dry part of your mouth with air or cotton. Many oral surgeons then swab the area with a gel to numb the skin. Then your oral surgeon will slowly inject the local anesthetic. Most people don't feel the needle. Instead, the sting they feel is caused by the anesthetic moving into the tissue. An injection of local anesthesia can last up to several hours. 

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